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Truck Talk with Tom and the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit! Having church in the cab of an 18 wheeler on the open highway!


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I am a girl from West Texas who learned to stand on God's promises and pray before I could even read. I had a Godly grandmother who taught me how to memorize the promises of God's Word; and the importance of prayer at her kitchen table. I never realized those leason's at Mam maw's table would help me navigate through the rest of my life. It instilled in me the principles upon which I new I could trust and depend on in all the challenges life would have for me over the years. Blessed, to Broken and Blessed again and again. Failure is never final with my Father God, my Abba Father, He is a good, good, Father.


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My hope is set on nothing less than faith in Jesus Christ  and His Word. I believe in God the Father,  Son, and  the Holy Spirit.  The Power of Prayer, and standing on the promises written in God's Word which are yes, and Amen. Which means God says " yes", and I say," be it unto me"...which is what Amen means.

I believe most of all in Relationship not Religion.  When we stand before God someday it will not matter which church we belonged to, it will matter if we had a relationship with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, he said," there is only one way to the Father and that is through me". I want to help people find that relationship;  and I am not here to talk about religion which is man's idea of how to worship God.  My hope is that those who read this blog will know and understand that Failure is not Final with the Father!  He will come right to where you are and will take you to where you need to be, if you will trust his Amazing Grace. 


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Please visit our FB page Garden of Grace @dgbuch, and my instagram page @danagb53, and Garden of Grace4488. Live short teachings on grace, prayer, and faith. The promises of God's Word, concerning you and me in  relationship, and much much more from The Word of God  concerning you and me. You can contact me at  info@gracefaithandprayer.com

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Welcome from Tom and Gaylene Buchhorn, FB: Garden of Grace @dgbuch, Instagram Garden of Grace 4488, FB: Tom Buchhorn FB: Gaylene Bruton Buchhorn ; https://gracefaithandprayer.com


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